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Welcome to my website! My website is just a place online where I can show some of my art and share a few other things that interest me. Its been a busy year for me working on many projects. One new project that I am working on is my Autobiography. This is something that I have been wanting to work on for the past couple of years and now its finally time for me to make this book happen. There are many reasons why I wanted to write this book, some personal, some not so personal. It will be sort of a history book for future generations of my family. It will also give you some insight in who I really am, where I have been and maybe even possibly where I will be going. My Autobiography is titled "Raised by Wolves" and you can find the link to it by clicking onto the "Word" navigation banner on this page and then look for the link on the "Word" page. It is an online book and you can read it as I work on "Raised by Wolves".

I have updated my website by adding a whole new Art Gallery that features art work that I completed this year 2004. On this page you will see the little navigation button that reads "New Art". Just click onto the New Art Button and you will be taken to the New Art Gallery. There you will find small images of my art which when you click onto them it will take you to a much larger and detailed image. Enjoy the New Art and hopefully I will add some more soon. I have done thousands of Artworks in the past ten years and what you see here on my website is only a small fraction of the body of work that I have created. If you would like to see more of my Art you can always go to the "CD" page here on my website and you can purchase a CD that has hundreds of pictures of my Art. You will then be able to look for hours at the hundreds of pictures of my Art on your personal computer in your own home.

I have had to take a break from many things that I like to do which includes art. I have been very busy in past few months. I sold my house in Norfolk and I have bought a new House in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This was a very good move for me since now I have so much more room and I now have my very first Studio space. I am almost done with getting my Studio completely set up so I can get back to painting again. It has been kind of hard no being able to work on my art and I am looking forward getting back into it. Having a real Studio is going to be so nice.

I hope you will enjoy my website and please leave your thoughts, ideas, or comments on my Guestbook. I would love to hear from you.


All Art, Images, Words are copyrighted by davmo, 2004,2005